Family owned and operated, offering over 50-years experience, providing all levels of new construction, retro-fits, and remodeling for central vacuum systems. We offer start-to-finish solutions for every project - Large or Small. We also offer full service and repairs for all central vacuum brands, makes and models. We specialize in helping the DIY'ers, replacement parts, motors, hoses, including all replacement vacuums for all brands and types. 

We share over 50-years of central vacuum service and repair experience. Here are a few other services we offer for you and your home: (801-302-1124)

  • ​Cleaning out central vacuum system - piping, Inlet valves, total system
  • Checking for poor suction, and overall performance
  • Motor replacement and repair, motor brushes
  • Inlet door replacement, and updating styles, and efficiency 
  • Central vacuum troubleshoots
  • Repairing all central vacuum units, valves, accessories and more
  • Helping the DIY'ers providing all necessary parts and pieces
  • Replace or repair inlet valves
  • Installing retractable hose systems
  • Repair or replace VacPans (toe kick)
  • Including more, call today! (801) 302-1124

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Retraflex, the retractable hose by Cyclo Vac! Watch below

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